Ask a young boy, what is one of their favourite cartoon movies, many will say “Dragon Ball Z revival of F“.  Concerned parents might ask, what kind of name is that for a cartoon movie, should I let my children watch this? The following will explain some things we should know about Dragon Ball Super.

Where did This Movie Originate?

It is a Japanese anime cartoon series; it first showed on July 5, 2015. It is actually a sequel to the show Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z from over 18 years ago. The main plot of the show begins reviewing the situation in the original Dragon Ball Z, before continuing on with the new storyline. A quick overview of the plot is that a certain “Majin Boo” is destroyed and then there is peace on Earth and “Son Goku” is a radish farmer and everyone lives happily every after until a new threat comes into the picture, a certain “Beerus” and then the plot thickens. Basically, there is a big war with lots of fighting, and the use of magic and super powers. In the end “Beerus” is defeated. That’s where Dragon Ball Z revival of F comes into play. Visit this site for more information : http://dragonballzstreaming.com

What is Dragon Ball Revival of F About?

Dragon Ball Z revival of F is the second part of this movie; once again there is peace on earth from defeating “Beerus”.In the meantime “Frieza” is in Hell, being tormented but soon is regenerated and returns to earth with super powers. The movie ends by earth being destroyed but certain characters of the movie, survive by creating a bubble around themselves and escaping. “Goku” is saddened that he wasn’t able to kill ”Freiza”, but he is informed he can use a super power and go back in time. So “Goku” goes back in time and is finally able to kill “Freiza”. Freiza is returned to Hell and is tormented again and the demons mock “Freiza”.

Is There a TV Series of Dragon Ball Super?

Yes, Dragon Ball Z revival of F has a cartoon series; the first series called Dragon Ball Super Battles of Gods with 14 episodes. The well-known Dragon Ball Z revival of F has 12 episodes. Next is the Dragon Ball Super Universe with 18 episodes and the last but most recent Dragon Ball Super Future Trucks, with 9 episodes. That is a lot of viewing time for your children and anime fans alike. Click here.

Where Can I Get Dragon Ball Super

Happily, we live in a day and age where we can get everything online. As Dragon Super Z Revival of F is originally in Japanese, we will have to use our search engines to find a suitable version that has subtitles or is dubbed. A good place to search for Dragon Ball Super can be You Tube and Dragon Ball Super has a Facebook page that will tell where are the best sites to watch DBZ revival of F. It has been dubbed and subtitled in several languages, including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

We wish you the best viewing pleasure with whoever loves Dragon Ball Super Revival of F, may it be with your children or someone young at heart.

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