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A Review of Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F


The Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F is a Japanese animated film series related to the dragon balls, which was first released in theatre on April 15, 2015, as the 15th part of the series which is also names as Dragon Ball Z: fukkatsu no F.

Dbz Revival of F is the second film of this series which was supervised by the series director Akira Toriyama, after the previous part “Battle of Gods” in 2013. Similar to the previous part, this film follows the dragon ball storyline. In this part, the villain Frieza returns and the God of destruction, Beerus and Whis also join back. After the revival of Frieza, he carries out the hard training for the first time in his life to take revenge from the Super Saiyans, who devastated him.

This film got the worldwide fame after …

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