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Dragon Ball Z Revival of F has become one of the world’s top selling franchise movies and it isn’t difficult to see why.  Dragon Ball has been a huge anime series since the 80’s however, it has always been the popular show and with the new movie hitting the big screen, it is re-igniting the flame!  However, what is the latest movie of Dragon Ball and has the latest reach new levels?

Breaking Records

DBZ Revival of F has in fact broken many box office records.  The reason why is simply because the story has changed slightly, in terms of moving the story along without ditching any main character in the process.  If you are a fan of the series, you will know how big the craze was when the announcement was made of the latest movie.

The Latest the Best?

The new movie of Dragon Ball Z Revival of F does look as though it is going to be the most loved movie of all time from the Dragon Ball series.  However, is the latest going to be the very best?  Well, there is going to be a lot of people who will say the latest has become a great movie and others who will say the original series were the best.  It just varies but it does look as though the latest movie is going to be one of the top rated ever.

What Does Dragon Ball Offer?

The story centers on Frieza who was killed in the end of the last movie; however, he is gone but not forever.  His loyal men are able to resurrect him and bring him back, more powerful than ever.  It looks like there will be another battle to the death between Frieza and Goku.  However, there are going to be a few ups and downs in the story and there are going to be a few cameos from special characters too.  Though, it does seem as though the latest story is a strong choice for old and new fans.  DBZ Revival of F does offer a lot of quality when it comes to the story. More details here!

Still a Classic

However, while the movie might be completed updated, it still offers a fresh look from the original series.  Really, the characters might have been around for years, but it has become still fresh and appealing even to original fans.  There are classics out there but Dragon Ball Revival of F will be one of them; Dragon Ball is the classic in the anime genre and it will always be that way.  There aren’t actually many alternatives to Dragon Ball and it might be one of the biggest reasons why it has become a classic.

Still the Best

When it comes to movies such as Dragon Ball, it will become a huge hit and it will get bigger as the franchise moves along.  There is so much to the series however and the movie is just one more addition to the series.  If you love the original TV series, you are going to love DBZ Revival of F.

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